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Important: If you registered with Vick’s Four Percent Challenge in the past, please use a NEW email address or you may not receive these bonuses
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Important: If you registered with Vick’s Four Percent Challenge in the past, please use a NEW email address or you may not receive these bonuses
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Important: If you registered with Vick’s Four Percent Challenge in the past, please use a NEW email address or you may not receive these bonuses
Did You Use These Exact Strategies To Get Your Results?
YES! After 8 years of smashing my face against the wall and going completely broke buying course after course after course, I finally discovered this program and used the information to break through in 2016. I built a 6 figure business, quit my J.O.B. in April 2019 and haven't looked back since! I now recommend this workshop to all my students because of the power of the information inside.
What Will I Actually Learn In This Course?
You will learn the deep strategies and new skills required in order to build a 5-6 figure affiliate marketing business by selling other people's digital products 100% online. Unfortunately you can't just buy a solo ad and send it to your affiliate sales page, which is what all the "guru's" teach. If that really was possible, you would already be a millionaire and probably wouldn't be here right now reading this. ;)
Who Will Be Teaching The Course?
My mentor Vick who taught me everything I know will be running the curriculum. He is the best person to learn from at this beginning stage as the training is very detailed is designed for the beginner and anyone who has no idea how to make consistent sales online. But don't worry, you will still get plenty of access to me, my bonus trainings, and my support as well. You will also get access to my private Facebook Group and this is where I answer questions usually within 24 hours. I also hold live trainings once every 2 weeks to review my students websites and strategies and also to give more insight into how I leveraged The Challenge to double my corporate income and quit my job to do this full time. I don't leave my students behind so if you're worried about that, you will be taken care of. ;)
How Is This Any Different From Other Programs?
I've been online for 10 years. In that time I have spent more than USD90,000 on courses, trainings, mentorship, events, and masterminds. I have purchased everything from a $7 course to a $5,000 mastermind. So I have personally seen and experienced much more than most people will ever be able to when it comes to online marketing. This course is still hands down, the best program on learning the deep strategies that you need to understand in order to build a profitable online business. It is step by step, over the shoulder, and it explains things in a very linear way so that it's easy to understand and you move forward every single day.

Most programs are messy and unstructured. Others don't give you the real understanding of why you are doing things, and exactly how to do them. In fact most teach you gimmicky strategies that are "hot" today and are gone tomorrow. They leave you more confused than when you first started, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless. With The Challenge, you know EXACTLY what you need to do and will have a game plan to do it. After you go through this program, you will be more knowledgeable then 95% of ALL affiliate marketers out there. And with this information, you will be able to finally build an online business that you can be proud of and that will help you achieve your dreams and goals - whatever those may be. ;)
Why Can't I Just Learn Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Domain Flipping, Clickbank etc. to be successful?
The simple answer is - you can. But, affiliate marketing is the most simple and straight forward way to have success on the internet. When you learn how to sell different products and services to people who actually want to buy things from you, then you will become a very powerful entrepreneur. Everything else online is just NOISE. You must learn the core fundamental marketing principles so that you can promote any product to anyone online and make a profit. As simple as that. It's not sexy, but it will get you results!
How Long Will It Take Me To Make My First Sale?
This depends 100% on you and your work ethic. Everyone is different. Some of my students make their first sale in the first 2 weeks. Some students never make a sale. If you follow the program to the tee and take action every single day, I would be surprised if you don't make a sale fairly quickly. But if you sit on your bum, watch The Game of Thrones all day and never do any work, then yeah, you won't make anything! This course is a guide. It works only as good as the person going through it.
How Quickly Will I Earn My First $10k?
Building an online business requires you to learn new skills and execute on those skills. Just like building any REAL business, it will take time. I would estimate anywhere between 3 - 12 months if you take massive action. That is AMAZING if you think about it. Think how much your life could change in that time? I mean even if it took you 24 months, or 36 months or longer... wouldn't it be worth it? To be able to quit your job, live life on your terms, travel the world, spend more time with your family. That freedom is priceless. If I had to struggle for 8 years all over again just so I could achieve this, I would do it in a heartbeat.
What Is The Investment I Need To Make?
The regular retail price for The Challenge is $1,497. However at this time, there may be some spots still available at $197 a month. That's only $6.35 a day when you break it down, which is less than the cost of a muffin and cup of coffee at Starbucks! The only difference is this has the power to completely change your life. The other is just unneeded calories. ;)

The best thing to do is watch the 6 Figure Tutorial by Vick, learn from it and then secure this price if you can. It will increase for sure as the course gets updated and gets even better than it is now. Vick is always making improvements. This includes the high level strategy, mindset shifts, the step by step guide and the invisible persuasion techniques that you need to learn in order to become a top level affiliate marketer broken down in great detail over 30 days. Most courses don't cover even 1/4 of what you'll learn in The Challenge, so your investment will pay you back in spades, as it did for me. (I used this training to double my corporate income and quit my job in April 2019). Ask yourself this question: "How much is your future is worth?" If you could then finally learn to create more than 10k in sales every month, how would that change your life? 

In order for you to build ANY online business, you will also need basic and essential tools like an Autoresponder, Tracking System and a Funnel Builder - these are 3rd party tools that the course recommends and will cost about $150 a month. You won't be able to run a proper business without them. Anyone who tells you differently is flat out lying to you. This is a REAL business, so you need to respect that and treat it as such. There is an optional traffic training at $997 (which I think is essential to any online business) and an authority website builder at $500 which is also optional. I used it to build mine which you can check out here: - pretty cool eh?
I Don't Think I Have Enough To Get Started. What Can I Do?
This is real business so in order for you to learn the skills you need to take your life to the next level, you need to commit and invest in your skillset. If you are a little short, be resourceful and think of some of the ways you can get more money. Can you take a loan. Put it on your credit card perhaps. Sell your useless junk in the attic. Or maybe you can scale your life back a little bit and save a bit more every month so you can be a in a good position to start a proper online business so you can change your life. When I first started, I practiced something called "delayed gratification". I scaled my life back, spent as little money as possible and put 30-40% of my income towards my "business fund". I used this fund to invest in my business every month which eventually allowed me to quit my job and build a 6 figure online business. You can do the same! ;) Where there's a will, there's a way!
I Saw Some Random Product Online Saying I Can Become A Millionaire In 24 hours, Is That True?
Unfortunately, the messages that you get online is that you can earn thousands of dollars with no hard work and by buying some random push button software or some "done for you" system. Sorry to break it to ya, but those are just lies designed to get you to buy their crappy and useless products. This is NOT the lottery. And if you're here to try and win one, well, this is the wrong game for you and I think you're better off staying in your day job. BUT - if you understand that this is REAL, and there is real opportunity here, then this might just be for you.
I'm Working A Full Time Job, Is This For Me?
YES! This is absolutely for you. 99% of people going through this course have full time jobs. The goal is eventually use this information to get out of that job. But it will take a bit of time. Be patient, learn and execute on these strategies and one day soon, you just might be able to tell your boss to f* off! ;)
I Only Have 5 - 10 Hours A Week To Work On This Business. Can I Be Successful?
The more time you can put into your business, the faster you will have success. The Challenge is a 30 day program but some people will take longer than 30 days to consume and implement all the information. It might take you 60 or even 90 days to complete everything. You can do it at your own pace. And yes, you can be successful if you have less than 10 hours a week. It will just take you a little bit longer to get results. But that's ok! This is a marathon, NOT a sprint. The person who can hold their breath the longest WINS. ;)
I Have ZERO Experience Online. Can I Be Successful With This?
YES! This course is designed with the beginner in mind. Most of our students either have NO experience with affiliate marketing at all, or have tried to be successful with it for months and years but have failed. This WILL work for you if you are a good student, take action on what is being taught, and don't quit!
I Am Broke And Can't Invest In My Business. Will This Save Me?
If you can't even put food on the table or look after your basic needs, then building an online business is NOT FOR YOU right now. Go get a job. Even a 2nd, 3rd or 4th job and get some regular income going so you can look after yourself first! Save up, get some capital going so that you can do this properly. Having a little bit of capital to start a business is "Business 101". Building a business online is NOT the solution to your problems if you are completely broke! You can always do this when you're ready to give it a proper go. BTW - most "internet marketers" out there will tell you to do it anyway because they want your last dollar. I don't because I truly want you to be successful! You'll thank me one day ;)
I'm Ready To Rock And Roll, What Should I Do Now?
Click the orange button below and get registered for Vick's LIVE training on his affiliate marketing secrets. This live workshop will take you through what it takes to become a 6 figure affiliate marketer. He will literally show you how he was able to generate more than 4.2 million dollars in sales through affiliate marketing and you can model his strategies if you want. Once you're done with that, you will have the chance to get into The Challenge if you'd like to. Hope to see you inside!
Important: If you registered with Vick’s Four Percent Challenge in the past, please use a NEW email address or you may not receive these bonuses
Disclaimer stuff to state the obvious: I'm a marketer - I sell products. My results are NOT typical of the average online marketer. These illustrations are only for educational purposes and are not intended to serve as a guarantee of success. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and skill development. Some earn less while some earn much more.
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